Oasis7 is a virtual 3-D Club found via Utherverse.com, and provides an 'avatar' meeting place for Utherverse 'Vip' members. It has many 3-D ammenities, like; Dance areas, Beaches, Park, Hot Tub, & Bedrooms...
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 Dims, Managers and Rules

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PostSubject: Dims, Managers and Rules   Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:39 pm


This is the Dims list with month's covered at end of each (the public doesn't need to know). Feel free to get on a waiting list for a different one, or talk to the manager who's dim you'd like about switching, and/or make a reply here...

STANDARD - English ... (OPEN to the public)
STANDARD - Nederlands ... WCR
STANDARD - French ... Show Girls (S_G)SoDevious_S_G
STANDARD - Italian ... Available
STANDARD - Turkey ... PriestessSam_GTG (House of GTG)
STANDARD -Portuguese ...Cowboy_007
STANDARD - Greek ... MarckymanXXX_SOL (SOL)
STANDARD - Spainish ...Kathy_Love....Hells Angels

BDSM - English ... MS_Sylvermoon_7(SMS HOUSE)
BDSM - Nederlands ... Kati_Kada
BDSM - Portuguese ... Master_Key
BDSM - Spanish ... Available
BDSM - French ... Tigger_EVE and DaggiPRINCESS_eve (EVE)
BDSM - Italian...Available
BSDM - Turkish ... Prometheus_SNR Promswindsa_SNR

A.G. - English ... jim38ny
A.G. - Italian ... Available
A.G. - Turkish ... andieangel_LoD SirSemi_LoD_CTN
A.G. – Nederlands… AmyMichelle_HDH (HDH)
A.G. - French ... Almost_Paradise Brenda_Jean_PR_NN & Milly_LDR_NN
A.G. - Greek ... _BigTex_CML (CML Family)
A.G. - Spanish ... Available
A.G. - Portuguese ... Available

FURRY - English ...Desire seXy Ladies (DXL)
FURRY - Nederlands ... Available
FURRY - French ... TFC's
FURRY - Spanish ... Available
FURRY - Italian ... Available
FURRY - Greek ... DJ_STROLCH and RealMojo2K8
FURRY - Turkey ... Bassaoy snd DJ_Miranda
FURRY - Portuguese... Kikily_No1

Any violation of renters lease will forfeit any remaining rays. No refunds of any kind for cancellation of lease.
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Dims, Managers and Rules
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