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 Renter's "Month's Covered" / How to swap

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PostSubject: Renter's "Month's Covered" / How to swap   Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:05 am


Dim Rental 350 Monthly all Rent and Deposits are NON_REFUNDABLE

This is the Dims list with month's covered at end of each (the public doesn't need to know). Feel free to get on a waiting list for a different one, or talk to the manager who's dim you'd like about switching, and/or make a reply here...

STANDARD - English ...Open to Public
STANDARD - Nederlands ... DJM Family, DJane_Boney_DJM
STANDARD - French ... Tracy_Love_VGF
STANDARD - Italian ... Mistymore House_of_OM_
STANDARD -Portuguese ... SergioII
STANDARD - Greek ...Simpell...(Love makes Friends)
STANDARD - Spainish ... MarlyQueen_Dolls Home of the Baby_Dolls

BDSM - English ... Queen_Deety_IBC A,
BDSM - Nederlands ... WCR F,M,A
BDSM - Spanish ...rickneeds_IBC
BDSM - French ... Kelcy
BDSM - Italian ... Available
BDSM - Turkish ...Available
BDSM - Portuguese ... UtherBDSM tubigreenls4u_NH F

A.G. - English ...Home of HFA
A.G. - Italian ... angieangelxx_LoD
A.G. - Turkish ... guitar_ZAN
A.G. - Nederlands ... Available
A.G. - French ... angieangelxx_LoD and Katti_BM_LoD_SiS
A.G. - Greek ... CIS CovernofImmortalSins King_Damian_CIS
A.G. - Spanish ... Available
A.G. - Portuguese ... Lady_Wendy_BP Mistress_Meg_SHP

FURRY - English ... LadyAwakened_GRF
FURRY - Nederlands ... Miss_Nadine_NHF Miss_Gabi_NHF A,
FURRY - French ... Available
FURRY - Spanish ... Nocturnal Destiny (ND) King_Remi_ND
FURRY - Italian ... Available
FURRY - Greek ...margo_26 (russian dim) A,
FURRY - Turkey ... Antheon_SK (Sex Kittens)
FURRY - Portuguese... Available

Any violation of renters lease will forfeit any remaining rays. No refunds of any kind for cancellation of lease.
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Renter's "Month's Covered" / How to swap
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