Oasis7 is a virtual 3-D Club found via Utherverse.com, and provides an 'avatar' meeting place for Utherverse 'Vip' members. It has many 3-D ammenities, like; Dance areas, Beaches, Park, Hot Tub, & Bedrooms...
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 Reserving Private Dims / Parties / Events

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PostSubject: Reserving Private Dims / Parties / Events   Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:02 pm

Parties or Events
For 50 rays, space can be used up to 6 hours in either the;
Downstairs Club, Beach, City, Park, or Pool, and can be held in either the;
> Public, Standard-English - Email Here to Reserve
> Private, Standard-Nederlands - Email Here to Reserve
*There is a 25 ray fee for cancellations

Whole Dim Use (Includes 2 "Oasis Memberships")
For the ray amounts below, vacant dims may be used privately or publically (and listed as such), and sometimes discounts are given depending on the move-in date;
> 1 Month: 700
("Package Deals" = all upfront)
> 2 Months: 700 + 600 (Avg=650, 1300 total)
> 3 Months: 700 + 600 + 500 (Avg=600, 1800 total)
Look Here for Vacant Dims
Email Here to Reserve
*Add 100 for English dims

*Cancellations/refunds are at the President's discretion, because others that would like your dim, but see that it's taken, may be unknown and go elsewhere. However, you may "transfer" it to someone else on your own, and at any time.
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Reserving Private Dims / Parties / Events
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